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June 08, 2015

iPhone 4S and iOS 8.3 battery issues

An iphone 4S with iOS 8.3 would give you good battery back-up plus performance if you do some of the following:

1. Turn-off Wifi when not needed. But definitely turn it on whenever there is a open wifi (say your office wifi) as cellular data consumes more battery.

2. Turn off iCloud. Unless you are big fan of sharing stuff using iCloud this is utter non-sense i would say.

3. Increase fetch time for email. Under Mail, contacts and calender in settings scroll down and change the setting to auto-check for email for 'Hourly'.

4. Turn off of background refresh and notifications for all games and unwanted apps under settings.

5. Install 'Battery doctor' from KS Mobile. Gives a second life to iPhone.

Hope this helps.

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