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May 26, 2015

How to develop an ignoring attitude in life

Sometimes in life you need to ignore few things just to make sure your next moment is sweeter. More often than not the root cause of every negative vibration surrounding us is this failure to ignore something bad, destructive.

Here the my bullets for the bad guys who prevent us from self-motivation, successful life, open mind, happiness.

1. If an object or a person reminds you of a particular bad moment in life, then take a small tiny atomic moment to freeze the time there and halt all the thoughts in your mind. Now re-think what you just thought of. Thats it!! Now you are in control of your mind.

2. A unsuccessful effort on a day when you thought it was the biggest moment of your life. Before terming it as an failed effort sit aside on a roadside chair or a mcdonalds or a place where you are alone. Now order for some eatables and start making a mental note of all the so-called failures and leave it there. Count them! Yup you have conquered those many types of ways to fail and these aspects can never fail you again in life as you know there complete profile picture. :)

3. You see someone experiencing something nice and feel deprived of the same. Now if that someone is whom you know go and start watching them more closely. They are not going through a 'Good experience' instead they have just converted there normal life to Good by means of thinking differently. Now you have your answer on this bad guy of your mind as well.

Good bye guys. Keep smiling. :)
Life is short, don't waste time in hatred!!

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