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May 25, 2015

8 hours of jobless time period

Over the weekend I was subjected to some critical task of wasting time.

Rite. You read it correctly! I was literally bored to blog, surf the internet, go for a walk and all possible things your mind is trying to suggest me.

Then how did I spend my time?

I tried to collate all the photographs of my kid since her birth and started to put them into a slideshow (or a movie).

Number One: My time was passing like ferrari
Number Two: Created a beautiful piece of video which I am damn sure my daughter will love it.

It took 6 hours and 40 minutes for me to finish the process but was totally worth it and enjoyed it thoroughty. The take away I learnt working and edit a movie in Magix Movie Edit and improved my proficiency from beginner to Intermediate.

In the process thought to list down some of my learnings:

1st learning: Before your make slightest of change in your project think as it would cosume lot of time for the change to be in-corporated into the movie. As it is movie editing a resource hungry task.

2nd learning: Quit all your additional programs including the song that is playing in the background so that your are working peacefully and with all the computing resources at your disposal for maximum potential.

3rd learning: Save your work at regular intervals. Actually strategically 'save' whenever you reach a stage where you don't want to go back in your editing journey.

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