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May 22, 2015

How to be happy always

Ok guys! This is a big question. How do I be happy always. May be I have written about it already but still if this helps more people I am happy. Now, In a world which pushes us to go into various emotions and never allow us to have a settled mindset. Remember a settled mindset is one which allows you to comprehend more effectively and hence allow you to control your negative emotions.

So here we go how to be happy always:

1. Keep it simple: Remember what others think about you is not your business. There opinion formation is not in your control completely. Try to mind your business and concentrate on what you have to do.

2. Aha! Present moment: Its so much so much more delightful and pleasant to be in this moment rather than think of some event which already occurred and cannot be changed or a event which is yet to happen. I know there are exceptions to this argument but they should be only positive events.

3. Forgive and forget: Yes I have to take revenge on that guy!!! uhhhh.. Now done with it. I will forgive that guy.  Enough of thinking about things which please(short happiness) the mind and start thinking of stuff which actually makes your mind more mature and happy forever!!!

Hope I made someone smile and help be happy forever!

Good bye!

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