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May 21, 2015

Two hour long commute to work?

I have a long commute to my workplace. It takes two hours (one side) to reach my workplace from home.

So the question what would you do during those hours?

1. Books: I read books mostly fiction or science. Effectively reduces the frustration and increases your intellectuality.

2. Listen to radio: Its said that music sooths your senses. When you listen to melodies, a unique chemical is released in your brain which has the same effect when your or joyous.

3. Sleep (with caution): Some rest to your eyes and zoooom you reached home!!

4. Observe: I tend to get caught with observing patterns when I look around sometimes like facial patterns, patterns in the designs of the bill boards.

5. Circus: This one doesn't require your effort at all as you need to manage to stand in the crowded public transport bus so that you are dealing with the exiting and entering passengers along with making sure your bag is safe(more importantly my MAC is safe). :) ;)

Good bye guys!

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