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May 20, 2015

Liquid spilled on MacBook Pro?

Today learnt the scary fact after getting my new Mac from my company that the Macbook pros are not covered for liquid spillage under the warranty.

Doesn't seem scary until you know few more facts listed below.

1. Macbook has five sensors which turn from white to red color as soon as they come in contact with any form of liquid. (Even the moisture from high AC in your room with sudden increase in tempearture can cause the Mac sensors to turn Red)

2. The cost of logic board (Mother board is Rs.40000/-). Cost of display unit is approximately Rs.25000/-

3. If you are unable to prove that the defect in your machine is accidental and not intentional then you are looking at some grim financial near future.

4. Below is the pic of sensors on MacBook pro.

Image courtesy:

Few first-aids:

1. Do not plug-in the charger or switch on the Macbook pro if a liquid has just spilled over.

2. Turn the Macbook pro upside down and place the device on sheet of absorbing paper or cloth.

3. Leave this setup for 10 - 12 hours.

4. Pray to God and take hair dryer and slowly but thoroughly dry you machine.

5. Now switch on the device and wait for the eureka moment!!

Hope all is well!

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