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May 19, 2015

Experiences in a startup organisation

Working in a startup organization in India.

These experiences may be some thing generic or few of them may be specific to me

1. Your role is never defined and you should be ready to work in a wide variety of Job roles.

You would not be able to go in with a mindset that for next one year I will concentrate on this and polish my career. No you should have a open mind to accept things as they come along.

2. Friends change everyday.

In a span on three months an entire team would have swapped for fresh faces. So do not be discouraged or demotivated when you see people leaving. Probably at the end of one year you might be one of the oldest employees of the organization.

3. Your location is never constant.

Based on the on the responsibilities you have taken up your place to sit will be varying and never have settled approach in a startup. You would need to be dynamic and quick thinker.

4. Jobless days.

There might be a brief amount of time where in you might not be doing anything and sitting idle. Do not let your mind fool you and take control of your thoughts. Stay calm and focus, look around and think of how you can improve things which are in your purview. 

Hope this helps.

Good bye!

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