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May 18, 2015

Five Myths about Marriage relationship

Hi Guys, Today wanted to discuss some of the myths about the marriage life.

1. Love marriages are more than often unsuccessful.

I believe any relationship is unsuccessful if  the people involved in it do not have the intent to have a strong understanding. So this myth is a serious Joke!

2. All the wives are generally low on intellectuality.

The way each other perceive their opinions is a matter of great importance. I believe if one of the two has control over his/her emotions then intellectuality is a subjective topic.

3. Over time sexual arousing declines between couples declines after marriage.

If you "Loved" him/her and not "Liked" him/her then this is a myth else this is true!

4. 'Love' is a quantitative substance that declines overtime after marriage.

If an individual assumes that he/she is one in there biological and mental anatomy then this myth doesn't apply. For all others who feel this myth is true are either faking or just liking their partners.

5. Children are a hindrance and hence you should not conceive early in married life.

Actually it is exactly opposite. You would deprive you kid to be part of the great life you have just started and your kids would actually make your life merrier.

Good bye!

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