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May 18, 2015

User research in depth

Some take aways from what I have learnt:

1. Theories on the user's responses should always suit and be oriented towards user's real experience than the other way around.

2. Always write down the research questions "?"

3. No assumptions, thorough homework (historical research reports, existing knowledge, streamlined approach by having a clear path on research questions, background details..)

4. Opinions are not facts, and speculation is not evidence. key="CAREFUL OBSERVATION"

5. Open minded with no predefined filters is the way forward for an user interview. all the filtering and relevance questions come later.

6. "Cognitive walk-through" - Formalized  way of imagining the user's thoughts and actions when they use an interface  for the first time.
    a. Happy path - simple and straight forward way of accomplishing a task
    b. Will the customer realistically be trying to do this action?
    c. Is the control for the action visible?
    d. Is there a strong link between the control and the action?

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