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December 15, 2014

Tips to eliminate loneliness

I myself went through the the loneliness experience and trust me it is difficult to handle the emotions.
You tend to blast out at the dear ones once they reappear after a brief period of spending alone.

This happens when you are alone in pockets of periods constantly over a span of months or years.

This will trigger unnecessary and some time violent thoughts leading to distrust and disbelief among your family members. And slowly will show up on yourself with you behaving very untowardly when you are supposed to react perfectly normal.

You need to make sure you speak out regularly to people whom you are close with and stay most of the time and you family members so that you mind is tamed on a timely manner without you flaring up.

Problems/Issues: Loneliness, Frustration, Personal warmth not present
Solution: Share or mingle online or offline either with friends or family, But on a regular interval of time. Too much gap in time will give the mind to control you instead of other way around.

Hope this helps!

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