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March 03, 2018

Do you need money? And more of it.

Each and every moment you are breathing your struggle is to keep your stomach filled but that has changed significantly and we struggle to satisfy our luxury.

Earlier it was one man working in the family and the family is served for living.

Later it turned out that just serving is not enough we need to have own home new clothes etc.

Now apart from the basic and semi luxury commitments above we are hunger or having top quality entertainment. Best in class beauty accessories. And to top it all the envy of other family members when a close relative or neighbor is enhancing his or her life. That adds on to the pressure on lead male in the family to match his status to the so called social status of the neighbor and so on. This pressure comes in the form of..... You guessed it..!

He has to do two jobs!

I will stop here and pray mankind stops here and returns to normalcy ditching these kind of trends and be for humble aspiring their needs rather greeds

Have a happy weekend. What others think of you is non of your business.

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