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March 04, 2018

How to live a peaceful married life. Yes its possible

Yes, guys the header of this article seems very impossible but its possible.

Often the first couple of years in an arranged marriage looks relatively good enough and justifies your choice and decision. But post 24 months is whats marks the beginning of a never ending testing phase and you will be crucified in all aspects of life.

Some of the common reasons why both the husband and wife think they made a wrong choice for life partner.

  1. Your ambitions/life goals are different. Hence priorities change and hence your basic daily routines would clash.
    • Key: Ambitions/Life goals are things which have to be re-looked at based on phases in life. If you are single/bachelor then you would set ambitions basis your circumstances (I would call you are learning and not fully matured at this point). When circumstances change your would not realize to blend your partner's goals as well. Question yourself on this? How often you asked her/him what he wants to be in life and what are his/her interests in life.
  2. You realized your mental frequency do not match. This is one of common reasoning I have heard. 
    • Yes, you would need to re-tune your mind to hear him/her just life normal radio else both do not listen each other.
  3. Age of getting into a commitment or getting married. 27 years, I would say is ideal given that you would have seen a bit of money flow in you life and you would have heard/seen few life lessons that help you carve a partner picture and hence you can make a informed choice while choosing your life partner.
  4. Blending your needs with that of hers/his. You would need to be ready to make at-least 10% compromise on all the stuff you intend to do in life. From the very granular to the major decisions. This way each you respect one another and this helps create a strong bond overtime. Which would result in the minus 10% to become plus 10%.

Hope some of these helps.

Have a good Sunday whichever part of the world you are in!

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