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June 06, 2018

Omens of life and Stable mind

You are surrounded with lot challenges and riddles God has made sure they are around you.

A stable mind which is free of any provocation, difference is opinion, change in mood, conflicts, comics, daily wear and tears is the most stable mind.

When you are insulted and you smile with absolutely zero change in brain wave pattern confirms you are truly stable.

Yes its its very difficult to stay or keep your mind calm. But once you master this you are on a sure path to enlightenment and you will be free of worldly pleasures and greeds including wealth.

Instead you feel like smiling on others who are desperate to hurt you but unable to due to a rock solid stable mind you have.

Never entertain a provocation and feed your mind with anger and desperation which will result in skating up the molecules of a settled environment around you thus reducing the positive cover you have around you!

Good night. Sweet dreams.

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